Adam Reichel

 Position: Salesman

Adam with his son Colton holding up a trophy

Adam with his son Colton holding up a trophy.

 About Adam:

Adam officially started working for the company in April of 2009 as our RetroFoam Foreman where he stayed until he moved to a sales position in the summer of 2011 where he continues to work. When we're busy Adam will still work with the RetroFoam Insulation crew from time to time to help out.

 Spare Time:

In his spare time Adam enjoys spending time with his family camping during the summer months but if he gets the chance he enjoysgetting outside as much as possible. Adam enjoys hunting a lot and usually he tries to get away a couple times throughout the year to go on a hunting trip with some friends.

 Biggest Accomplishment:

I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment is being a good Father to my children.