Ben Reichel

 Position: New Construction Foreman

Ben Reichel with his girlfriend Shelby

Ben Reichel with his girlfriend Shelby.

 About Ben:

Ben is our new construction foreman and runs a crew that handlesall of our fiberglass battinsulation jobs. You can usually find Ben on the job site walkingaround on a pair of stilts hanging poly as he is our vapor barrierexpert.
Since 2004 Ben has been working Full-Time with our company and hasbeen a part of every aspect of work that we do here at ReichelInsulation. He enjoys working new construction and in 2014 became acertified insulator by Minnesota Greater Gas.

 Spare Time:

When I have some free time I enjoy Deer, Duck and Turkey hunting.I also enjoy fishing whether it's on the lake or the river. But thething I enjoy the most is spending time with my girlfriend Shelby andour two children.

 Biggest Accomplishment:

I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment is becoming acertified insulation installer. I take pride in the work that I doand enjoy working hard to make sure the job that I am working on isdone right and to the best of my abilities.