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We work very hard at making sure that every job that we do is treated like we would want to be treated. Therefore each customer is taken care of with the goal being the customer is happy with the job rather then getting the job done as quickly as possible.

 Customer Name: Alan and Sally R.

Job Location: Wells, MN | Date: 08/2015
Job Type: SprayFoam Insulation
"Installlers for each of the 3 times we've contracted Reichel Insulation to insulate for us have gone above and beyond what we have expected. Friendly, courteous, completes the project in a timely manner and cleans up the job site very well. Our insulation installations have reduced both our natural gas and electric bills. We are very pleased with the quality of the insulation and the Reichel staff. Thank You!"

 Customer Name: Kim H.

Job Location: Not Available | Date: 06/2013
Job Type: Loosefill Insulation
"Any concern about a mess, don't be, very clean quiet process. I highly recommend it."

 Customer Name: Wes C.

Job Location: Wood Lake, MN | Date: 01/2011
Job Type: RetroFoam Insulation
"Crew was amazing! Such hustle! Very impressed! House is quieter (don't hear noise from highway), much less drafty (still have some leaky window). Very good company to deal with on all levels. Sales, office and crew. Well satisfied!"

 Customer Name: Kris and Gene W.

Job Location: New Ulm, MN | Date: /20
Job Type: RetroFoam Insulation and added Loosefill Insulation
"Both Gene and I were very impressed with the two crews who were at our place last Friday and Saturday. They were Knowledgeable, polite and all-in-all just a great hard-working bunch of guys. Gene, who was the skeptic of this project definitely changed his tune after seeing the whole process and what was completed in two days of work. The house seems quieter and time will tell what kind of changes we see on our utility bills. We have definitely been telling others about your product and your employees."

 Customer Name: Stacy B.

Job Location: St. Clair, MN | Date: 07/2010
Job Type: RetroFoam Insulation and Spray Foam Insulation
"We are in the middle of remodeling our house...the job that the crews did were the first things to go right so far. Thanks for your professionalism, cleanliness and courteous employees. GREAT JOB!"

 Customer Name: Jon and Barb H.

Job Location: Le. Sueur, MN | Date: 06/2010
Job Type: RetroFoam Insulation
"Professional, Honest, Great Quality, Explained everything. Neat imaging camera, nice to see what's in the walls."

 Customer Name: Don W.

Job Location: Osage, IA | Date: 02/2010
Job Type: RetroFoam Insulation
"Great service - nice to work with."

 Customer Name: Roger F.

Job Location: Mankato, MN | Date: 02/2010
Job Type: RetroFoam Insulation
"This was easy with no problems, very nice A to Z!! I will share with others. Thanks."

 Customer Name: Darby and Becky R.

Job Location: St. Peter, MN | Date: 11/2009
Job Type: Spray Foam Insulation
"I can't tell you how GREAT your whole team is: Sales Josh was polite and answered all of our questions. The guys that did the work were polite and did above my expectations and they cleaned up after themselves! I will recommend to everyone! Thanks for the great Service!"