Eric McCollum

 Position:  Shop Manager

A picture of Eric with his family

A picture of Eric with his family.

 About Eric:

Eric is our Shop manager and takes care of making sure that the shop is always cleaned up and that everything is in stock for our guys to go out and do the jobs every day. He does the maintenance on all our vehicles to make sure that the trucks are ready for the guys everyday so that they can get to their jobs on time.
Whenever one of our crews need additional tools or more material Eric is the guy to make sure that it gets there so that the crews can stay focused on the job at hand which reduces down time so that we can run more efficiently as a company and save our customers money in the long run.

 Spare Time:

In my spare time I enjoy working in my shop on projects that keep me busy. I also enjoy playing my guitar when I have a little spare time. I enjoy getting out and doing some hunting or fishing when I get the opportunity. If I can also enjoy getting out to do work on my golf swing from time to time. But the thing you'll find me doing most often is just enjoying time with my children and beautiful wife.

 Biggest Accomplishment:

Looking back at my life I would have to say that the biggest thing that I've ever accomplished is marrying my wonderful wife Lora and becoming a Father to my 3 beautiful children.