Current Insulation Rebates

Ways to save you money when you insulate your home!

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Xcel Energy Rebates

Insulation Rebates from Xcel Energy


  •  Rebates equal to 30% of the total cost of the insulation and installation up to a maximum rebate of $300 for qualifying insulation projects
  •  Monthly energy savings on heating and cooling costs
  •  Improved comfort in your home during cooling or heating season


You qualify if you're a Minnesota residential customer living in an existing single-family home or in a multi-unit home up to four units that has insulation professionally installed and whose primary residential heating fuel is supplied by Xcel Energy. Specifically, this means:

  •  If the primary heating source in your home is a natural gas, then you must be a Minnesota Xcel Energy residential natural gas customer to participate.
  •  If the primary heating source in you home is electricity, then you must be a Minnesota Xcel Energy residential electric customer to participate.

Eligible installations include:

  •  Attic insulation and bypass sealing
  •  Wall insulation
  •  Air Sealing and Weather Stripping

Installations not eligible for a rebate include the following:

  • New Construction
  • New residential additions
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Workshops
  • Basements
  • Insulating doors
  • Mobile homes
  • Soundproofing applications
  • Properties with more than four units

To qualify for a rebate, all insulation must be installed to the manufacturer's specifications and meet all state and local codes and federal regulations. Additionally, air sealing and weather stripping must follow industry-accepted practices for mitigating air leakage. Rebate applies to attic and bypass sealing, wall insulation and air sealing and weather stripping only.

How to Get Started

  1. Find a registered contractor to install the insulation. Like Reichel Insulation
  2. Account holders requesting rebates must contract for insulation services with fully licensed insulation contractors. Self-installed insulation does not qualify for a rebate.
  3. Purchase and install new, qualifying insulation between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  4. Download the program rules and regulations.
  5. Only registered contractors have access to the insulation rebate form. Ask your installing contractor for the rebate application.
  6. Complete all required areas of the application and mail it with your dated invoice by July 31, 2017. It takes about six to eight weeks to receive a rebate check if your application is complete. Applications that are missing information may take longer to process.

Make sure to visit the official rules and regulations page for more information. If you have additional questions feel free to give us a call at 507-388-8755.

Minnesota Energy

Insulation Rebates from Minnesota Energy

By improving the air sealing and insulation in your home you can save on your heating and cooling costs all year long. The rebates provided by Minnesota Energy Resources help customers with natural gas heating improve the sealing and insulation in an existing home. New homes, defined as built in the last 2 years, are not eligible for this program. Homes that participated in the Home Energy Excellence program may not participate in this program.

Please Note:

All air sealing and insulation work must be completed by one of our Authorized Insulation Contractors in order to qualify for a rebate from Minnesota Energy Resources. Our Authorized Insulation Contractor Program ensures that you are using a qualified and reputable company. All rebates are issued as a check directly from Minnesota Energy Resources.

Any contractor who claims that they are including a rebate in their reduced cost or is offering a discount if you sign up today because 'they are in the neighborhood' is not doing so through Minnesota Energy Resources.

MeasureMinimum EfficiencyRebate
Air Sealing Only25% Reduction**$300*
Air Sealing and Attic InsulationR-44 and 25% Reduction**$650*
Sidewall InsulationR-13 (Where no insulation previously existed)$425*
Foundation Insulation / Rim JoistR-19/R-10 (Where no insulation previously existed)
Rim Joist must be foam insulation.
Rim Joist Insulation OnlyR-10 (Where no insulation previously existed)
Rim Joist must be foam insulation.
Floor Above Unconditioned SpaceR-30 (Where no insulation previously existed)$200*

* Rebate amount is 50% of total improvement cost, up to maximum rebate amount listed above.
** 25% is target reduction; contractor will need to explain if they are unable to reach that goal.
All jobs require BPI certified installers who are participating in our Authorized Insulation Contractor program.

We recommend that you work with an energy auditor to determine the best air sealing and insulation for your home. After the air sealing or insulation is installed, complete and submit the Air Sealing and Insulation Rebate Application.

Prior to insulating your home be sure to visit the Minneosota Energy Rebate Page for more information on the rules and regulations on getting the rebate. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 507-388-8755.

CenterPoint Energy

Insulation Rebates from CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy offers a rebate for residential air sealing and insulation upgrades. Qualifying upgrades to the attic or the exterior walls of your home can improve comfort, lower your utility bills, and earn you a rebate check from CenterPoint Energy.

Rebate Amounts

Attic Air Sealing ONLY30% of costs, $300 maximum
Attic air sealing and qualifying attic insulation30% of costs, $500 maximum
Attic insulation onlyNo rebate available
Qualifying wall insulation30% of costs, $300 maximum

Before You Get Started

To learn more about how to make your home more energy efficient, including how to prevent the heat leakage that contributes to ice dams, get a Standard Energy Audit from CenterPoint Energy. Our energy experts can help you:

  • Pinpoint air leaks with an infrared inspection and a blower door test
  • Determine whether your home needs additional insulation or air sealing
  • Check your heating and cooling equipment
  • Provide a detailed report with recommendations for your home

Note: CenterPoint Energy highly recommends getting an energy audit before you move forward with a major improvement project, however, an audit is not required in order to participate in the Air Sealing and Insulation rebate program.

Step 1: Contact a Rebate Eligible Installer

Step 2: Complete a Qualifying Upgrade Project

To qualify for a CenterPoint Energy rebate, your upgrade project must be completed by a Rebate Eligible Installer.

Step 3: Submit Application Documents

Your Rebate Eligible Installer will have the rebate application and will submit to CenterPoint Energy.
Required documents must be submitted and postmarked by December 31, 2016.

Qualifying Attic Weatherization Projects:

  • Must include air sealing of all accessible attic air leaks. No rebate will be issued for attic upgrade projects that do not include sealing of all accessible attic air leaks.‚Äč
  • May also include attic insulation improved from a pre-existing R-value of R-30 or lower to a post R-value of R-50 or higher. No rebate will be issued for attic-insulation-only upgrade projects.

Qualifying Wall Insulation Projects:

  • Are available only for homes with R-0 existing wall insulation around all sides.
  • Must include wall insulation improved from a pre-existing R-value of R-0 around all sides of the home, to a post R-value of R-11 or higher around all sides of the home.
  • Attic knee walls are excluded from this portion of the rebate program.

Rebate application forms are available from Reichel Insulation.

Reichel Insulation has the rebate application and will submit to CenterPoint Energy.
Required documents must be submitted and postmarked by December 31, 2016.

If you're interested in more information please see the Rebate Program Terms and Conditions

please visit the official CenterPoint Energy Insulation Rebates Page for more information.

Greater Minnesota Gas

Insulation Rebates from Greater Minnesota Gas

Current Rebates

There aren't currently any insulation rebates

Owatonna Public Utilities (OPU)

Insulation Rebates from the Owatonna Public Utilities

Sealing and insulating the shell of your home is often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort. OPU provides rebates for a number of insulating and sealing measures. Many of these rebates are available only to customers that have had a House Call energy audit.

Attic Insulation

Installed ByRequirementsRebate
Attic Insulaiton - Self InstalledAdd a minimum of R-19 with an ending R-value of 44 or greater$0.10 per square foot
Attic Insulation Installed by a
non-CEE Participating Contractor
Add a minmum of R-19 with an ending R-Value of 44 or greater$0.10 per square foot
Attic Insulation Installed by a
CEE Participating Contractor
Identified in a House Call audit.
Add a minimum of R-19 with an ending R-value of 44 or greater
$150 plus $0.15 per square foot

The rebates listed in the following table are available ONLY for customers that have had a House Call energy audit and have had the work completed by a CEE Participating Contractor like Reichel Insulation.

Insulation and Sealing MeasureRequirementsRebate
Wall Insulation - InjectionMinimum 450 square feet. Injected into an empty cavity.
Post-installation Blower Door Verification required
Wall Insulation - Exterior Rigid FoamR-5 or greater over already insulated wall.
Wall cavities must be filled
Attic Air SealingAll bypasses indicated by House Call audit must be addressed.
Post-installation Blower Door Verification required.
Rim Joist Sealing / InsulationPost-Installation Blower Door Verification Required$150

Here's how it works:

  1. Have attic insulation installed.
  2. Download a copy of the rebate application form.
  3. Fill out the application completely, attach your sales receipt and any other required documentation, and send it back to the OPU.
  4. Allow 4-6 weeks to receive your rebate.