Insulation Services

We offer a range of services to suit your insulation needs.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

The economical way to insulate.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation is the most economical way to insulate your home. Typically installed in the wall cavity of new construction homes it can be the easiest way to insulate your home providing a good thermal barrier between the interior and exterior of your home.

Fiberglass Loosefill Insulation

For Attics and Crawlspaces.

Loosefill insulation is a fiberglass insulation that is shredded in a machine and blown into the attic or crawlspace of a home. The material used provides the best R-Value with the least amount of settling and can typically be completed in half a day. It can also be blown into the cavity of a wall when the cavity has been properly netted.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

Best for New Construction Homes.

Closed cell sprayfoam insulation and open cell sprayfoam insulation is the newest in residential and commercial insulation products. As an all-in-one insulation air sealing system, spray foam insulation is designed to solve your insulation requirements from a simple crawlspace to protecting from disease.

RetroFoam Insulation

Best for Existing Homes.

A 3-part resin that is a nonflammable insulation material. RetroFoam can be injected into the wall cavity of your home or office. Optimal for replacing your old insulation or insulating your existing building, RetroFoam insulation offers numerous benefits as well as a simple and quick installation process.

Other Insulation Services:

Cancap Installed over Canlight.

Recessed Lighting Protection

The CanCap is the only all in one solution to energy loss, fire protection, and vapor barrier for recessed lighting. The patented design allows you to completely cover electrical fixtures, fitting snuggly against the rafters and securing the entire area from coming in contact with any type of insulation.

A Blower Door Testing Unit.

Home Air Tightness Testing

A powerful fan that is mounted into the frame of an exterior door. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all openings and unsealed cracks in the home.

Thermal Image of a Home.

See How Well Your Home is Insulated

Energy auditors and insulation contractors have been using thermal cameras to diagnose home-performance problems for many years. Without opening up your walls or ceilings for inspection, a trained specialist can use one of these infrared cameras to locate insulation voids, air leaks, moisture intrusion, thermal bypasses, and thermal bridges.

Insulation Info:

Insulation Contractor Looking Over Blueprints.

Insulation Information

Heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space. In winter, the heat moves directly from all heated living spaces to the outdoors and to adjacent unheated attics, garages and basements wherever there is a difference in temperature...