Rich Reichel

 Position: Owner / President

Rich and Amy riding on their old Harley Motorcycle

Rich and Amy riding on their old Harley Motorcycle.

 About Rich:

Rich owns the company with his wife Amy although he spends most of his time creating more work for the office staff rather than being productive occasionally you will find him in a suit installing our spray foam insulation.
Initially Rich installed fiberglass batt insulation but later moved on to spraying polyurethane insulation until the company was big enough where he needed to hire on more help at which time he decided to take a step back so that he could take more of a supervisory role running all the crews and making sure that things continued to run smoothly.

 Spare Time:

When I do have spare time I like to go out to the cabin with Amy and just enjoy being out on the lake. When we're not out at the cabin you can find us down at the Kato Cycle Club enjoying our free time camping with family and friends. I enjoy hunting and fishing a lot and try to take a trip at least once throughout the year to do one or the other.

 Biggest Accomplishment:

I have always been proud that I have been self-employed most of my life. Even before I started Reichel Insulation I was always able to keep myself busy and times may not have always been the best but I always worked hard for what I earned and did the best I could.