Ryan Morris

 Position: Office Technician

Ryan Morris with his two children

Ryan Morris with his two children.

 About Ryan:

Ryan works at our company as our office technician (computer guru) maintaining our computer systems and making sure our website is updated regularly.
Beginning in the fall of 2015 Ryan has also taken over our insulation removal crew.
Since October of 2012 Ryan has worked for us initially as an insulation installer and eventually moving into an office position working on our computer systems and updating our website.
With over 10 years of computer experience he has been a great addition to our team.

 Spare Time:

In my spare time I like to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. I try to get together with people I care about and enjoy life as much as possible.
I also enjoy working on computers for people which takes up most of my spare time along with studying up on any new technology that is coming out. Recently I've been teaching myself motion graphics and have found a new passion in that.

 Biggest Accomplishment:

In 2009 I created a custom Windows 7 image with all the tweaks and customizations along with all the software setup so that when I had to reload a computer for a customer I was able to turn a 5 hour process into about 45 minutes. Which in turn helped me to get more computers done faster.