Foundation Waterproofing

The best way to insulate the foundation of your home.

Foundation Waterproofing

For new construction foundations

Mar-flex sealant is a foundation waterproofing membrane designed to protect your foundation walls and the interior of your home from water damage
High quality waterproofing is the answer, eliminating the dangers of water penetration as well as increasing the energy efficiency of your home.
This high quality impermeable spray coating sealant is the first line of defense in sealing water out of the basement.
Our closed-cell sealant creates a flexible and seamless freeze-thaw membrane ensuring a dry basement for years to come.
Mar-flex 5000 waterproofing membranes are available for commercial and residential usage. While pairing the Mar-flex membrane with an approved Mar-flex drainage board ensures the highest level of protection, and qualifies the product for a limited warranty.

Waterproofing the foundation of a new home

Waterproofing the foundation of a new home.

Waterproofing Information

Waterproofing the front of a new home

Waterproofing the front of a new home.

Mar-flex Waterproofing Benefits

  •  Combines high R-value, drainage and protection into one product
  •  Resists water absorption thus maintaining its R-value
  •  Protects foundation waterproofing
  •  Outstanding drainage
  •  Inert, not affected by water or soil exposure
  •  Easy to handle and install
  •  Can be used in any geographical area
  •  Chemical Resistant
  •  LEED Certification

Certifoam and Certistud Benefits

  •  Add an R-10 value to your foundation
  •  Exterior frost break on your wall
  •  Highly impermeable to water and guards against harmful acids and extreme environment conditions
  •  Stops fine dirt particles from filling concrete capillaries
  •  Allows water to pass freely to drainage tile
  •  Certistud - also allows contractor/sider to cover foam with exterior decrative siding giving your home that on e of a kind look that you want to come home to.
Showing Certistud on the foundation after waterproofing

Showing Certistud on the foundation after waterproofing.

Shockwave drainage board on foundation

Shockwave drainage board on foundation.

Drainage Boards Benefits

  •  Adds an R-Value to your home (depending on thickness and brand)
  •  Exterior frost break for your foundation wall
  •  Highly impermeable
  •  Resists hydrostatic pressure
  •  Protects foundation wall while back filling
  •  LEED Certifications
  •  Extends product warranty from 15 up to 60 years, depending on drainage board product used.